Although the hot weather has come to an end for the year, COVID-19 remains a hot topic in our minds and everyday lives.

COVID has still been a rampant force in the community. Currently, Putnam County is considered a high transmission zone – meaning that there have been 100 or more new cases per 100,000 people over the past week or that there has been a 10% or greater positivity rate (which is the case in our county).

In the past week, the positivity rate has been 16.39%, and there have been 78 total positive cases. 409 COVID tests have been administered during this time.

Records show that 39.1% of the population, or 14,685 people, of Putnam County who are eligible to receive the vaccine are fully vaccinated. 41.8% (15,706) have received the first dose.


COVID vaccinations are free at several institutions in the county, including pharmacies such as CVS as well as at the Putnam County Health Department.

What does this mean for us as a community? We should stay cautious of large social gatherings, continue to social distance, and continue to monitor our health. Masks are recommended at this time for those who are not fully vaccinated, especially indoors.

However, they are not required in all schools/workplaces in Putnam County; the Cloverdale Community Schools do not currently have a mask mandate in place. For more on Covid related absences, click here. 

Unfortunately for us, COVID will not be dying off like the vegetation around us due to the cold, so add extra layers on your body – and face – if you choose!

For up to date real time statistics on Covid in Putnam County, check here.