What is FFA

FFA is a great organization that involves all the fifty states in the United States. FFA is one of the largest youth organizations that allows young adults to learn more life skills and interesting facts. FFA allows kids to learn how to sell products, conduct a professional meeting, learn the proper way to give a presentation, and learn how to speak in big crowds. Members can also take part in fun activities like learning leaves, learning different types of soils, and judging farm animals. FFA has the stereotype of only being for farmers, but that is not the case. FFA gives kids opportunities to learn new skills. 

NAtional FFA Convention

Last month, Wednesday, October 27 through Saturday, October 30 was the National FFA Convention. This is a huge event for the whole United States FFA Organization. At the National FFA Convention there are things for everyone to do. One of the most popular is spending all your money buying souvenirs in the National FFA Expo and shopping mall. This is where you can learn many new things like the latest farming technology that farmers use for farming crops or how the business got started.  The best part is you get to meet many new people from all over the United States. Through this convention you not only meet new people, but you also get a lot of life advice through multiple sessions you can attend. During my time at the convention, I met people from Missouri, Alabama, New York and even Hawaii. This convention has a lot of walking, but a lot of fun things to do. For example, if you get bored around the convention center, walk a few minutes and you could go shopping with friends at the Circle Center Mall. My favorite thing to do is go around and collect all the free stuff people hand out. Most stuff you receive is very useful and I use it all the time. 

Cloverdale FFA 

Cloverdale FFA is an organization trying to change the meaning of FFA. Most people believe FFA is filled with farmers, but in reality it is filled with people trying to make a change and learn new things. I joined FFA when I was in sixth grade. I started out by doing a contest called Skillathon where you go and judge things. Now that I am older and make more decisions for myself, I have come to realize how much FFA has affected me, and my social skills.

Whats New

As the FFA is trying to grow in numbers we are inviting people to come try out something new. Come join us for a friendsgiving/meeting on November  18 from 6-8 pm. Join us in selling fruit from 10/9/2021 to 11/12/2021. If you are interested, come try out practicing a formal meeting through a contest called Parliamentary procedure. This practice will be every Monday and Thursday from 7-8 am in the ag room. Try something new and join FFA for a lot of life skills and fun. For more information please follow our social media Twitter @ ffa_cloverdale   Instagram @Cloverdale.ffa and our Facebook@ Cloverdale FFA.