Are you graduating next year and need help preparing for college? Well, look no further because I have organized a comprehensive guide to preparing for college this summer.

1.) Get Involved

Getting involved in one’s community is a great way to build your college application. This includes volunteering, getting a job, donating to charities, etc. Getting involved in your community will help you stand out in your application and get accepted into your top university

2.) Start or Continue Saving Money

Everyone knows that college is expensive and in order to pay for it, you are going to need money. The most common way to save money is to get a stable job, most notably a summer job. Other ways include earning scholarships and earning grants. This way you can have a foundation for when you start college.

3.) Narrow Down College Choices

Deciding what college you want to attend will be one of the most important decisions in your life at the moment. Look at colleges all over the United States, don’t just limit yourself to Indiana. Look at private colleges, public colleges, even look at international colleges. Take college tours over the summer, research each one of your top college choices and find out which college is right for you.

4.) Start on Applications

While most college applications don’t open until August, that doesn’t mean you can’t start on applications. Sign up for the Common Application or the Coalition Application and start crafting your perfect application. Practice writing admissions essays and perfect your writing ability.

All in all, this summer is a great opportunity for those graduating next year to prepare for college and to prepare for the future.