☔️Update since it’s raining outside💦
Scarecrows 🎃 will be taken down on Saturday, Nov 6th, at 10 am. If interested in reclaiming items off YOUR scarecrow, do so between Nov 1-5th. Please take your frame to either Marcy’s or the Icehouse. When the scarecrows are taken down on the 6th, the frames will be stripped and items will be thrown away🗑.
Snowmen ⛄️ frames will be passed out on Saturday, Nov 6th, between 10-11 am, at the Icehouse. If interested in using same snowman frame, please call 765-720-2652 and LEAVE A MESSAGE, or at Cloverdalemainstreet@gmail.com, before Nov 5th.
Drop off of decorated snowmen will be at the Icehouse located across from Cloverdale Fire Dept prior to 1 pm on Nov 20th. Displays will be up from Nov 20th-first Saturday in January (weather permitting).
Thank you to all who participates. Remember anyone can do these!! Families, organizations and businesses
Content courtesy Cloverdale Main Street Facebook Page