Gas prices seem to keep climbing higher and higher daily, and it’s not getting much better. This has become a nationwide problem; gas prices have almost risen to $8 a gallon in California! How has Putnam County, specifically Cloverdale, been affected by this catastrophe?

Community members of Cloverdale know very well how little there is to do in town. Being able to go anywhere even remotely interesting requires at least a little bit of traveling. With these higher prices, people have seemed to want to travel much less, and with nothing to do in town, it has encouraged many more people to stay at home.


Putnam County's Thoughts

Cloverdale’s Opinions.


A survey in which there were 60 Cloverdale responders (some in surrounding towns) with an average age of 38 shows that 31.7% of people have been extremely affected by the higher prices. 33.3% of the sample travels less than 5 miles to get to their work/school daily; however, 25% of the sample travels more than 35 miles daily. 36.7% have to fill their cars after less than one week, and the same percentage have to fill their car after one week. 

When asked to elaborate on these issues and dissatisfaction, 8 out of 30 responders stated that they have been forced to cut out unnecessary trips. Of the 3 students that responded, all claimed that they have been struggling to afford to make trips to school. Several complained about having less money for necessities, and many complained about the president’s involvement in this situation.

Clearly, this has become a huge problem in our community, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do other than travel only when necessary. Hopefully, we will see prices decreasing soon!