As the New Year begins, people across the world make promises or resolutions to themselves. The majority of the time, these resolutions go to waste even if they’re good optimistic goals. Some of the most common resolutions people have are to lose weight, work out, and manage money. Even if shopping locally isn’t one of your resolutions, there are so many ways for you to support your community and accomplish your resolutions.

Losing weight and working out are the two biggest resolutions. People go on diets, go to gyms, and buy their own equipment just to eventually drop their newfound habits. Within the community, there are many opportunities to meet your goal.  Stephanie’s Studio is woman-owned and a local option for those who can’t travel a lot.  She’s a personal trainer and has phenomenal reviews. She has group and personal training for an amazing price.  Some other options are Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness in Greencastle.  Working out as well as eating nutritious foods will help with weight loss.

Managing money is a hard goal, especially as prices keep rising. To save gas money and shopping money, shopping locally may be your best option. In Cloverdale, you can support many local businesses, like Taylor’s Hometown Hardware, which is a family-owned hardware store right here in Cloverdale.  For gifts and decor, instead of buying from large-scale companies, head to Simply Rustik boutique; they have affordable prices and a great selection for all shoppers. Some other businesses that are affordable and local are New Moon Divination,  Cloverdale Barber Shop, and Cloverdale Value Market.

As you make these resolutions, work toward them; don’t give up and by the end of the year, you’ll be able to see the results of all your hard work and your impact on the community.