What Is National FFA Week?

National FFA week is February 21st through 25th. FFA week is dedicated to FFA members to raise awareness about the role of the national FFA organization.  In the Cloverdale School Corporation, we are trying our best to incorporate all the grades. During this week we will decorate the halls, provide daily trivia questions, provide fun activities for the current FFA members, and have many activities like a petting zone and a coloring contest for the younger kids. This week is for the FFA members to get involved with the community and teach everybody that FFA is not just for farmers, but also for people trying to learn more about agriculture or leadership skills.


Cloverdale FFA

To celebrate this national week, the Cloverdale FFA has come up with dress-up days. We decided that every day will be hat day.  Monday will be FFA colors day (blue and gold). Tuesday will be g.o.a.t day (greatest of all time), where we are asking students to wear a jersey or a shirt that represents the greatest athlete, musician, etc. Wednesday is pajama day. We ask that students wear appropriate PJ wear to school. Thursday is farmer day, so dress up in those overalls and farm gear. Friday is flannel Friday. We ask and hope that all students and staff participate in this national week. This week we are doing things for our school cooperation. We will be holding a coloring contest and a petting zoo for the younger kids. For the staff, we will be making omelets. To celebrate those members who dedicated their time to the FFA, we are giving a free bowling trip for the whole FFA chapter this week.  This is a great way for the chapter to come together as one. We will also be providing various kinds of food and snacks for members of the chapter. 

Our goal

As a chapter, we plan to get as many people as possible to experience this astonishing program dedicated to learning leadership and life skills.  We also hope to get as many younger grades involved as possible to help build the program.