I am one of seven members of the Cloverdale Community School Board of Trustees.  There are representatives from each of the townships that make up the Cloverdale school district.  I, along with a couple of other members, represent Cloverdale township.  2021 marks my fifth year of being on the board and I was re-elected to my second four-year term.  Currently, I am vice president.   I also serve on a policy review committee for the board.  This committee meets on an as-needed basis to review and update policies for the school corporation.

I am a lifelong resident of Cloverdale and a graduate of the CHS class of 1980. My husband, Todd Lewis, and I raised two daughters that are also Cloverdale alumni.  Upon graduating from high school, I attended Indiana Central University, now known as U Indy, where I earned a BSN degree and became a registered nurse.  During my nursing career, I worked in various healthcare settings including 8 years of school nursing for the Cloverdale school system.  My love of caring for children enticed me to transition from school nursing to operating my own in-home daycare for 15 years.  Approximately 1  1/2 years ago, I retired to be available to assist with childcare for our grandchildren and to allow me to devote more time to my aging parents.

Like most people, I feel like “free time” is in short supply.  However, when time allows, I enjoy reading, baking, spending time with family (especially our three grandchildren),  traveling, and boating.

My desire to be a member of the school board stems from years of school-related activities.  As a student, I was very involved in the leadership of my class and extracurricular activities, while maintaining good grades.  As a parent, I often volunteered as a room mom, band mom, girl scout leader, PTO president, member of the post-prom committee, and various other things.  In later years, I  was not only employed by the school corporation but active in the Dollars for Scholars organization and completed several years as an officer for the Cloverdale Alumni Association. After serving as a Clover in so many other capacities, I have enjoyed continuing that tradition as a school board member. In my opinion, there are many positive things happening in our local school system.  The new Citizen One forum will be a great way to promote, inform, and unite the school and the Cloverdale community.