Last year, I was a sophomore here at Cloverdale High School, but last year was also my first year here. I came from Owen Valley. Last year, I spent my time getting used to everyone and how the school worked, so because of that, I didn’t really explore the clubs offered. This year is different though because I’m starting to explore the clubs and get myself involved and Citizen One is something that I’m pretty positive I will enjoy. Some of the reasons I wanted to join Citizen One are because I love writing, learning about the community, and photography. All of those are included.

A couple of my favorite subjects are science and art. Once I graduate, I plan on going to college and getting my bachelor’s degree in nursing and hopefully becoming an RN. Some things that I enjoy doing are knitting, reading, cooking, and listening to music. I’m in some clubs; they are Art club, FFA (future farmers of America), and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). If somebody told me to describe myself I would say unpredictable, quiet, kind, and funny.

I’m most excited about learning and educating myself on the environment and community. I’m definitely ready to see where this takes me and I’m hoping that I can improve my writing skills. Anyways, if you found yourself reading this thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day.