My name is Andrea Nees. I am a very busy person. I play three sports: volleyball, basketball, and softball. In the time between sports and spending time with friends and family, I am in a few different clubs such as FFA, FCA, 4-h, student council, and P.I.E.

Whenever I am not playing a sport or doing something for my clubs, I am taking pictures for fun or working with training my animals. Recently I have found a love for not only nature photography, but also sports photography.

Citizen One is new to all of us and that is why I wanted to join. I also wanted to know what it was like to write about the pictures I take, and now I can! I hope that Citizen One creates articles and things that people are willing to read and want to know more about.

I also want this program to grow into a big organization where there are so many people that it is hard to meet in a classroom. I hope to learn the correct way to write an article and how to publish different stories based on the pictures I take. I hope the community loves the efforts the students have taken to write these articles. Through this program, I hope to publish sports articles. Readers should expect small articles about games and nature.