Student Author: Kelton Fulkerson


Fall break is wonderful due to multiple factors. For one, it’s a break from school, which is refreshing. But it’s also a time to enjoy the nice weather that fall brings and enjoy hanging out with family and friends. And to do that, leaving your home definitely helps. But where are you going to go? Well, you’ve already read the title of this article, so you already know that I’m here to talk about just that!


The first order of business is to talk about some of the nature areas near Cloverdale. You can’t really see the beauty of fall while stuck inside all day, so you might want to get out a bit, and I have the perfect solution to that. We have two wonderful state parks near us, Cataract Falls and Lieber. If you don’t want to go to either, that’s ok, there is still pretty good weather for a bonfire at home. Get out and enjoy the beautiful thing called nature. I apologize if that last line sounded too much like your parents.


If touching grass isn’t your thing, there are still so many places you can go.  For example, Greencastle is full of stuff to do. You can go explore the small businesses downtown, or go see what they have in the Walmart Halloween section. You can also go to one of the many restaurants in Greencastle. I personally recommend the China Buffet next to Tractor Supply Co. They have some delicious lo mein noodles. You can go to the Putnam County Museum and look at some pretty cool stuff. You can go to the Putnam County Library and gawk at the wide selection of books. There are lots of things to do, so check out the activities in the area. 


Now, as a resident of Cloverdale, I feel like I can safely say, we don’t really have much to do in the way of entertainment. However, it’s not like we’re living in the middle of nowhere; there are still some pretty good places to go like El Cantarito, which has some pretty good food. We have a great community park to hang out at as well. But we definitely don’t have as much as, say, Terre Haute. However, because we don’t have a lot of places to go, that makes Cloverdale the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll or drive. I suggest you try it sometime, especially those of you who can drive. It can be really relaxing and fun to just hang out with your friends or family while driving/walking around the real-life equivalent of every small town in pop culture.


Do you want to stay home and/or don’t have the money to spare? Well, that’s understandable. Leaving your house these days can be pretty stressful. Why not sit down and watch some tv? There are some pretty good shows you can watch to get you into the fall spirit. For example, you can finally watch Stranger Things and find out who the heck Eddie is and why that one song was so popular. Or you could watch the highly anticipated “Chainsaw Man.” Even better, you could watch your favorite scary movie. There are so many options to choose from.


With all that being said, these are just suggestions. You should spend your fall break doing whatever makes you happy. You only live once, so I thank you for taking a few minutes of your life to read this article.