Thanks for your interest in Citizen One! While our primary focus is delivering local news to your community, education is a big part of our plan. We are currently in what we call the “Pilot” phase of Citizen One – meaning, we are trying all kinds of different things out to see what works and what does not. A big part of this is understanding the educational needs for training students and citizen contributors about journalism, as well as how to use the Citizen One site and mobile app. 

Long term, our goal is to develop a K12 media literacy curriculum, a Journalism Advertising and Media program to train high school students how to become journalists, a professional development program for teachers and bureau chiefs, and a citizen education program for media literacy. 

We are currently pursuing partnerships with several colleges and universities to help us build the educational components of Citizen One. If you are in higher education, or someone you know in higher ed might have some interest in helping us build out a self-guided, gamified education platform on an open-source learning management system – we would love to talk! 

Our education initiative is going to take some time (and money) to complete, but in the mean time, during this Pilot period, we will be providing lots of relevant posts on media literacy, journalism, and other related topics here. We hope you enjoy this material – and we hope you learn some new things.