On Friday, April 29th, the Cloverdale Ag Department attended the Annual Cob and Cog Event at Ivy Tech in Terre Haute.  33 Cloverdale students traveled to the Ivy Tech campus and competed in seven different areas against 21 other schools. 

This was the first time in two years that the annual event could be held and many were excited to be back. This year’s events included Balancing Act, Biotech, Build Them and Crush Them, Chain Reaction, Mechatronics Challenge, Drones, Engineering Nightmare, Excursion Plan, and Food Science. The event also included GPS/ GIS Scouting, IT Workstation Challenge, Livestock Judging, Machinery Inspection, Matter in Motion, May the Volts Be With You, Power Tool Drag Race, Puff Mobile, Quiz Bowl, Soils Judging, Welding, and Whatever Floats Your Boat. To say the least, the competition offered quite an amount of activities! 

The team of Brady Koosman, Carson Hall, Savannah Hubble, and Ella Szczerbik finished in second place in the Biotech competition. The Biotech competition involved the DNA extraction of plant tissue, in their case, a strawberry. The teams were given limited materials and a limited amount of time. The members also needed to know a fair amount of basic biology and DNA composition.  Congratulations to the team! 

Overall, it was a lively and entertaining field trip for the students!