Holiday travel plans may have you stumped this year, as things have changed over the past two years. This means your travel plans may need to change as well!

Gas prices have skyrocketed within the past year, making it difficult to see your loved ones for holidays. Last Christmas, gas prices were at $2.19; now they’ve jumped up about 40% and are at $3.29.  In addition to the rise in prices, some of your favorite gas stations may be noticing a shortage in gas. This is because truck drivers are retiring and quitting and it’s impacting the gas prices majorly.  Flying by plane may be, financially, a better choice if you’re traveling far.  The average cost for a round-trip plane ticket is about $208; flying by plane may save you gas and snack money.

With the supply chain issues, getting your normal Christmas decor and presents will be much more competitive this year. Items aren’t making it to stores fast enough, and things are going out of stock quickly. The toy prices are varying in extreme ways, as shipments are getting delayed because of the truck driver shortage and stores are going to raise the price on most items. Those same items may only be in stores for a limited time, making it first come, first served.

With the COVID spikes, doctors and scientists advise wearing masks and taking a COVID test before meeting up with the family. They also advise meeting in a well-ventilated area, with plenty of space. If meeting with someone who has a weakened immune system, they ask for you to be vaccinated and wear a mask so nobody gets injured.  After the holidays it’s expected for there to be a jump in COVID cases.

Stay safe and healthy this holiday season. Happy Holidays!