Halloween is coming fast, and we are going to have little ones laughing and having fun. With the Netflix series Squid Games becoming more and more popular, be ready to see costumes related to it. In the show, jackets are a big part of the characters’ outfits, and that is something you might want to be wearing on the thirty-first. The reason is that the weather is never ideal on Halloween night, and this year there are no exceptions.


 It’s not going to be so cold that you should wear a coat, but a jacket is recommended. The high is going to be 62 degrees F and the low will be a chilling 45 degrees F. Of course, the wind will make it feel even colder outside on Halloween. The morning’s wind speed will be from 10-15mph, and in the evening wind speeds will range from 5-10mph. It is going to be cloudy all day with a rising humidity from 69% in the morning to 80% later in the evening. If you are one to wake up to watch the sunrise, it will come up at 8:14 am that morning, then set around 6:46 pm. That means that trick or treating starts early. 


With all that said, the thirty-first isn’t the only day that there are activities scheduled based on Halloween. The thirtieth will have quite a bit going on, too. The sun rises around 8:13 am the morning of the thirtieth, and sets around 6:47 pm. It will be quite cold this Saturday with a high of 58 degrees in the day, and the low will be around 45 degrees as well. There will be a humidity range from 68% in the morning to 79% that afternoon. Morning wind speeds will be quite fast, ranging from 10-20mph. Evening speeds will be quite a bit slower ranging from 5-10mph. Some things planned for the thirtieth would be: Trunk or Treat at the high school being held from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm; there will also be a Trunk or Treat at the Cataract Lake Lodge being held from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm, and then lots more.


Enjoy your Halloween and the days around. Make sure you stay warm and be safe. Most importantly make sure you have fun; watch horror movies, go to parties with friends, or just go and walk around town trick or treating.