Are you an incoming freshman with no idea what you are doing? Are you incredibly stressed for the first day, or even week, of school? Well, look no further than this comprehensive guide of high school advice.

1.) Don’t Panic

I get it. It’s your first day of school and you have no idea what you are doing or what you are supposed to be doing. But you are in the same boat as all the other freshmen in your class. You are not the only one who doesn’t know what is going on. Don’t be afraid to get lost or walk into the wrong classroom or forget your things in your locker. Everyone is expecting you to not be prepared on the first day. Right now is your “freebie” period where you can get away with this stuff.

2.) Hallways

Do NOT stand in the middle of the hallway during passing period. You are not supposed to be a human roadblock. Stick to the walls or go to the bathroom if you need to stand still.

3.) Lay Low

On your first day, keep your head low and observe. What’s the lunch situation? Where are your old friends? Who looks like they could be a new friend? etc.  Make sure to get a lay of the land so the next couple of days, you can be confident with better knowledge of the school and social situation.

4.) Hygiene

For the love of God, keep good hygiene. Wear deodorant, take showers, brush your teeth, etc. No one wants to go in the freshman locker bay with it smelling like the gym lockers.

5.) Get Involved

Join a lot of extracurriculars during your freshman year. Now is the time to start building your college resume. Join theater, the Academic Super Bowls, the newspaper, debate club, sports, etc. Don’t be afraid to try something new this year and don’t just do what your friends want you to do. Remember, these clubs and sports are what goes in your college essays and your first job applications.

6.) Do not be cocky

Sit down. You were just in middle school 5 minutes ago. Do not bother fighting with the upperclassmen, as they can see right through your tough act. Go and hang out with the rest of your peers til you get your act together.

7.) Dating and Breakups

Date as many people as you want. This dating experience will be important for when you want to get serious in a few years. However, with dating comes breakups. Breakups are going to happen and they are going to hurt. They are going to sting and build character in you. It’s okay to lay on the couch eating ice cream after a breakup. You are totally allowed to. Just do not do anything stupid like alcohol, drugs, or harming yourself and/or others. No one is worth ruining your life over. Just remember 20 years down the road you are not going to be single and moping around thinking about your boyfriend/girlfriend that broke up with you freshman year.

8.) Schoolwork

Focus on your schoolwork. You might think that the social aspect of high school is the most important thing right now. But guess what? Most of the people you are hanging out with won’t be in the picture in a few months. High school is dramatic and everything changes at a rapid pace. Consider your years in high school as a beta version of your life. Here’s the thing, the stakes are low right now. You are not stressing about scholarships, colleges, AP tests, and things like that. Make sure to have fun and be a kid while you still can.