The leaves are turning and so is the weather. That time of year has come again!

Time to bring out the sweaters and pumpkins because it is fall!

The Midwest is one of my favorite places to be during fall because you never know what the weather will be like. But no matter the weather, the most beautiful shades of browns, oranges, tans, yellows, and reds fill the land. Time to cozy up with blankets and some candy and watch some of your favorite movies.

Fall is a great time of year because of the holidays. One holiday being Halloween, where you bring out your scariest or funniest costume to go trick or treating and collect some of your favorite candy. Just don’t forget to brush!

And don’t forget about the best part: carving pumpkins!

As the leaves turn color and fall to the ground, you bring out the rakes to make a pile to jump in with all your family and friends.

Many people in the midwest go to haunted houses to get a little scared before Halloween. They also may take a hayride. You might get a little cold, so it’s time to bring out those warm sweaters!

Here are some great places just South of Cloverdale to experience Fall in the Midwest: