Thanks for your interest in Citizen One! We are currently in the Pilot phase and testing out lots of different things with the platform. As we move forward, we will be scaling Citizen One to cover more communities, adding more features, more authors, and creating an educational program to work alongside the Citizen One News publication. 

All of this costs money, and we will be looking for financial support, including donations from foundations, community stakeholders, individual philanthropists, and readers like you. 

Our goal is to generate enough revenue from advertising and donor support to be able to offer Citizen One News free of charge to readers. As we work through the Pilot program and learn more, we will be able to make decisions about how best to fund this initiative. 

If you’d like to make a donation now, please email us and let us know. In the mean time, please check back later for more news on how our donation program will work in the future. 

Thanks for your interest and your support!

 – The Citizen One Team