Student Author: Sierra Kelley

Photo taken by Chloe Gardner.

Recently, Cloverdale High School’s Winter Guard performed for both the middle school and high school. 

Color Guard is the team performance of flag spinning, choreographed dancing set to music, and the usage of props. This year, Cloverdale’s Winter Guard performed New York City by Owl City which tells the story of a bunch of friends on a road trip to New York City. The show involved many solos, trick tosses, and the usage of unusual, but exciting, props. The team this year is made up of 5 performers: Audrey Fagg, Daphanie Geiger, Leah Friend, Ella Szczerbik, and Colin Sturgeon.

Performer Audrey Fagg offered her statements on this year’s performance, “Though being unable to make it to state from the 1/10th of a point loss, my fellow performers and I have had a wonderful time with each other and the performance is always so exciting and fun to do. All of the new members have done an amazing job, and this year’s team was fantastic to work with. I am excited for everyone to see our performance as it involved new digitally printed flags, some backpack throwing, and a car we call Bruno.”

The underrated art of Winter Guard involves a great amount of skill and practice, which can take months to acquire. This year, all but two performers were new to the art and had to learn everything from scratch. The team began their practice in November and the fruits of their labors have shown. The Winter Guard put together an amazing and exhilarating performance! 


Along with the Winter Guard, the Cloverdale High School Band also performed. They performed songs from the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman like “A Million Dreams” and “Never Enough.” They also performed “Dirty Little Secret” by The All-American Rejects. Both groups gave astonishing performances!