Student Author: Savannah Hubble


On March 8th, 7th through 10th-grade students from all over Putnam County, including schools from Eminence, Greencastle, North Putnam, South Putnam, and Cloverdale, met at Greencastle to be given an inspirational speech by none other than America’s number one school speaker, Nathan Harmon. Nathan spreads a powerful message through Your Life Speaks.

Nathan has overcome drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, a self-destructive lifestyle, and much more. Nathan spoke about navigating adversity (hardships), addiction, mental health, bullying, and much more using his experiences to connect with the students on another level. He used his experience to give students a new perspective on their lives and what taking control of your life can do.

As Nathan goes across the world speaking to thousands of students he is getting raving responses, reaching students like none other before. For more on Nathan and his message, go to Nathon Harmon1 on Youtube, and Instagram. See him and his team at