It’s a wrap! Cloverdale High School’s Drama Department has once again produced another hit, “Bedtime Stories (As Told by Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up)” and “Bestest Bedtime Stories (As Told by Our Grandpa) (He’s Silly).” The show was brought together under the sparkling stage lights in about six weeks by Director Brad Sandy, who has worked for Putnam County Playhouse and teaches 1st grade and the elementary. 

Act I tells the stories of Princess and the Pea (Dominic Nowling-Williams, Sierra Kelley, Dennis Souders, Alayna Oberkrom, Phoenix Breedlove, and Ella Szcerbik), The Girl Who Cried Dinosaur (Hannah Baker, Isabella Oberkrom, Dennis Sauders, Phoenix Breedlove, Emma Paauwe, Eli Wheeler, and Killian Dewey), and Rumpelstiltskin (Dominic Nowling-Williams, Sierra Kelley, Phoenix Breedlove, and Landyn Shaw) from the Dad (Jacob Whitinger) and kids’ (Timmy Hiatt, Willow Jones, and Aleah Harris) perspective. 

Act II continues with the kids being told stories, but now by their Grandpa (Jacob Whitinger). The stories include Hansel and Gretel (Landyn Shaw, Hannah Baker, Eli Wheeler, Alayna Oberkrom, Sierra Kelley, and Kadence Sharp) and Sleeping Beauty (Ella Szcerbik, Phoenix Breedlove, Dominic Nowling-Williams, Alayna Oberkrom, Emma Paauwe, Isabella Oberkrom, Killian Dewey, and Sierra Kelley). The show was also assisted by the crew (Kadence Sharp, Jacob Simpson, Peyton McKibben, and Autumn Wheeler.) 

Though a fairly young cast, 21 students were cast and came together to pull off the show.  From the audience’s perspective, there were a few hiccups here and there (including one of the cast members being sick); but overall, the show was excellent, and scenes 1 and 2 were the crowd favorites.

Hannah Baker, who played the role of Gretel and BoPeep, says “The atmosphere of being on the cast of “Bedtime Stories” was awesome and I would highly recommend students getting involved, as it’s a good way to interact with the community.” Similarly, Sierra Kelley states “The play was an amazing place to make new friends and enjoy the things that you love to do. The cast was wonderful and it was a very pleasant working environment.”

We look forward to seeing what comes next from Mr. Sandy and his cast!