Mr. Jared Metzger conducts our middle and high school band. Mr. Metzger has been the band teacher for 6 years, following our latest band teacher, Mr. Cole. Students at Cloverdale Community Schools can take band from 6th-12th grade. Events that the Cloverdale High School and Middle School band students perform in are school concerts, ISSMA concerts, basketball and football games, and the Clover parades we hold during homecoming, Halloween, and Christmas.


Our high school band consists of two seniors for this year. The two seniors we can recognize for our 2021-2022 school year are Ikea Calidonio and Eli Wheeler. Interviewing Ikea I asked, “What is your favorite part of the band?” She said, “My favorite part of the band would have to be the people.” I also asked Eli the same question. He said, “‘My favorite part of band would be my wacky self.” Being around the band for a couple of days, I can see why Ikea and Eli love the band so much. Not only is their teacher great, but even the people have a great time! Ikea would like to make a shoutout to Mr.Metzger. “Thank you, Mr.Metzger!” Eli would like to say, “I like Mr. Metzger and I wouldn’t replace him anywhere else!”


 The band had an amazing performance on May 4th,  with their friends and family coming out to support them along with our principal and our assistant principal (Sonny Stoltz and Brent Sailor) supporting them. Some of the songs they played were from Star Wars, Moondance, Lord of the Rings, Encanto, and Medal of Freedom. Interviewing Mr. Metzger after the concert, he said, “We could really have more people playing anything from flute to tuba.” While I was interviewing Mr. Metzger, I also asked, “ What is your most memorable moment?” He said, “ My most memorable moment is all of them, but the one that stands out to me most is when we could finally play for the first time after COVID.”