That Time Again


The Cloverdale Varsity Basketball team is back in action this year, with a record of five wins and five losses. The girls are fighting hard to have the best season. With the unfortunate event of not having enough players for a full junior varsity team, these girls are learning by playing a few minutes in the faster-paced varsity games. The team creates a family atmosphere that is loving and supportive. This atmosphere makes the whole program feel welcoming. When asked anonymously, the girls have said, “That the energy and supportive atmosphere helps them mentally throughout the year.” 


Past versus Future

Currently, the girls do not have the record they necessarily would like, but they are working hard to come out with a winning record this winter season. Last year, these girls were young individuals going from all junior varsity minutes to straight varsity minutes. This year, the girls have the drive to compete with many teams, for they are more experienced in the game of basketball. Coach James Wade works hard to encourage and motivate these athletes to be the best athletes and human beings they can be. This journey of a great season started this summer where the girls spent countless hours in the weight room and gym, putting up multiple shots and doing many hours of ball handling drills to drop the number of turnovers in the games.  



The team has already played a total of ten games this year. This includes the county tourney which the Clovers, unfortunately, lost to South Putnum in the first round after a hard fight. The Lady Clovers beat Greencastle for the third-place position. These girls leave their hearts and souls on the floor until there’s nothing left to give, every single game. They have played many difficult schools, and though they have not been able to pull out a win against them, they have been able to make statements that they are here to fight.

The girls will be back in action Friday, December 17 against Brown County at home at 6 pm. Over Christmas break, they will be traveling to Brazil to play in the State Farm Northview Classic with other schools for a few more wins. Once the New Year begins the Clovers will be back in action, playing at home on Friday, January 7; Saturday, January 8; Tuesday, January 11; and Friday, January 14. Clear your schedules and come support your Lady Clovers.