On the 28th of May in 2022, the new graduates of Cloverdale High School walked down the aisle to receive their diplomas. The graduation ceremony began at 2:45 p.m. with the Pre-Commencement Concert which consisted of the band and choir.

As the guests walked in and sat in the bleachers, they were greeted with the sound of Cloverdale High School’s choir. The choir, led by the director Deborah Lambert, performed the pieces “Fly Away Home,” “Remember Me This Way,” and “Hold On To Your Dream.” The choir performed with elegance and truly amazed the crowd.

After the choir performed their pieces, the Cloverdale High School Band, led by Jared Metzger, followed the choir’s performance, playing pieces such as “Star Wars,” “Just Before I Close My Eyes,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and “21 Guns.” Then, after the choir and band’s performance, the Commencement began.

The Commencement started with the faculty processional, where the Cloverdale High School faculty walked down the aisle to witness their students graduate. During this processional, the band played the piece, “Nathan Hale Trilog.” Then, once the faculty sat down, the senior processional began. All of the seniors then walked down the middle aisle to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance,” played by the band.

After everyone was seated, the ceremony began with the pledge of allegiance, led by Brycetin Abney. Then multiple seniors such as Veronica Carter and Alyssia Elmore gave welcoming speeches and these speeches reflected on high school and the beginning of a new chapter. The reading of a poem that resonated with the seniors and the audience was read by Kendal Hamilton. Then came the Salutatory Address, done by Audrie Fulkerson and then the Valedictory Address, done by David “Brady” Koosman and Tobiah Foster.

After the student led speeches came the Presentation of the Roses, where the graduating senior presented one or more roses to their friends, family, and/or loved ones, all to the tune of “Remember Me” by Robert Lopez and Kristen Andersson-Lopez. After this, the presentation of diplomas was held and then the acceptance of the Class of 2022. Once the seniors threw their confetti into the air, they made their way to the outside of the gym and made a circle while the band was playing “Recessional.”

This year’s graduation ceremony was truly an unforgettable moment and the end of a significant chapter in the new graduates’ lives.