Cloverdale Community School Corporation is excited to announce our partnership with the Science and Magic Company through the Citizen One initiative. Taulbee Jackson, COO, Principal Consultant, and Cloverdale High School graduate, has been the primary force that has made this endeavor possible for our students and community. The support of Cloverdale High School principal, Sonny Stoltz, and CHS English teacher sponsor, Maria Skiles, has created a unique opportunity that will change the way students and community members read, hear, and view local news and stories of interest. At its core, the mission of the project is to provide a trusted source of news and information through unbiased journalism from our students and community stakeholders. Citizen One will provide our students with an opportunity to participate in a media organization that delivers balanced, unbiased stories of interest with guidance from Cloverdale High School staff and professional media personnel.

As a long-term goal, we hope to develop a media career pathway for students at Cloverdale High School at the university level, while students are completing their high school diploma requirements. At a time when most news media outlets throughout the country have lost the trust of citizens, we believe we have found a noble initiative that will guide our students to participate in community, national, and world events that matter. This partnership will allow media and educational professionals to play an instrumental role in guiding the future of our students, as they gain a better understanding of the importance of truth and trust as we engage in our local community and world. I am excited about the future at Cloverdale Community School Corporation, and look forward to all the many great opportunities that will transpire through this partnership!

Greg Linton


Cloverdale Community School Corporation