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Leader in Me

Cloverdale Community School Corporation is committed to teaching and educating the whole child. We understand that our students come from a range of different backgrounds, hold different beliefs, and have varying capabilities, but also understand that each and every one of our students has a genius inside them and it is our job to help develop that genius.  This year CCSC is adopting a new program called Leader in Me.  It is a research-based program designed to address social-emotional needs, college and career readiness, and the development of a strong leadership culture.  

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The National FFA Convention

FFA is a great organization that involves all the fifty states in the United States. FFA is one of the largest youth organizations that allows young adults to learn more life skills and interesting facts. FFA allows kids to learn how to sell products, conduct a professional meeting, learn the proper way to give a presentation, and learn how to speak in big crowds. Members can also take part in fun activities like learning leaves, learning different types of soils, and judging farm animals. FFA has the stereotype of only being for farmers, but that is not the case. FFA gives kids opportunities to learn new skills. 

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Local News: What just happened?

We’re here to fix local journalism. We believe all news is local. We believe in the power of the Fourth Estate. We believe in the empowerment of our communities and our young people. Most importantly, we believe there is an opportunity and a path forward to a new model of journalism that decouples reporting from the profit motive, and allows for a resurgence in trust of the media as an institution. We know we can bring people together and be self-sustainable. The revolution won’t be televised, but it will be on your mobile device. 

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Welcome to Citizen One

Here at Citizen One, we are excited to be providing reliably sourced information and stories that you can access directly from your phone (or another preferred device). We want to help you access your news with the same ease with which you access social media. We believe it is important for you to be able to hold the option of credible local news within the palm of your hand. 

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My name is Sierra. I am a 11th grader and enjoy music, film, and art.
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My name is Tabiah. I enjoy napping, playing video games and reading fantasy books. I plan on going to Indiana University to study chemistry since I have a love for science.
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Cloverdale School Board Member
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Town Of Cloverdale, Indiana Town Manager
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