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Academic Honor Awards

On December 2, 2022, we held the Academic Honor Awards. To achieve an Academic Excellence Certificate, these juniors have to meet the following requirement of a 3.33 GPA or higher including 4 English credits, 4 Math credits, 2 Social Studies credits, 4 Science credits, and 2 World Language credits. T

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History of Cloverdale

Cloverdale Indiana is a beloved town that many are lucky enough to call home. However, many of us who live here, know almost nothing about how our hometown originated. According to “” Cloverdale was founded in 1839, it got its name from all of the clover fields and lovely shady dales

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My name is Sierra. I am a 11th grader and enjoy music, film, and art.
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My name is Tabiah. I enjoy napping, playing video games and reading fantasy books. I plan on going to Indiana University to study chemistry since I have a love for science.
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Cloverdale School Board Member
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Town Of Cloverdale, Indiana Town Manager
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