If you told me a year ago that I would join Citizen One news, I would’ve called you crazy. But here I am now, writing for Citizen One. My name is Emma and I am one of the authors of Citizen One news. I have always loved writing. Writing has been one of my passions since elementary school and I have written countless essays, stories, and (attempted) novels. However, I do not just write essays and stories, I also write lines of code. Programming is a very important skill that I am interested in and I even plan on going to college for computer science. 

When I was sought out and told about this new program, to be frank, I was surprised. I was impressed by the ambition of this new newspaper and I wanted to be a part of making its foundation. I decided to be a part of Citizen One because I wanted to connect with the community and I wanted to help make a difference, even if it was small. I am excited to see the future of Citizen One and how it will make its mark on the community. I hope to share my stories and experiences with the town to help improve the lives of the local residents. 

I have been writing many stories and the stories that I will mainly be focusing on are science stories, local events, school-related events, and the environment. These four topics are what I am most interested in and I hope that you as the reader will enjoy reading my articles and close-ups regarding these topics.