Thanks for your interest in advertising on Citizen One! We are currently in our Pilot phase, and will be testing various aspects of the program over the next 60-90 days. Part of this will be running test campaigns with local advertisers. If you’re interested in supporting Citizen One and your local community, please email us and we will be happy to tell you more about how we plan to help local organizations meet their business goals through local advertising on Citizen One.

We are currently offering local businesses a Directory Listing for $19 per month. The Local Directory is where Citizen One users go to find local businesses, services and organizations. Having your listing in the Local Directory would be similar to the ads you would see in the local newspaper directory, only you have an entire web page to work with, and can include links, video, images – anything you like! If you would like to get started, email us and we will get you added to the directory under whatever categories you like.

If your organization is a non-profit, civil service or government organization, we will add your directory listing for free. Just email us your info.

The following test programs will also be available soon:

 – Banner Advertising

 – Email Advertising

 – Category Sponsorships

 – Feature Sponsorships

– Email Marketing

– Text Messaging

– Geofenced Push Messages

– Scheduled Push Messages 

– Sponsored Stories

–  Mobile Coupon Program

– Loyalty Program

– Social Amplify