On Friday, December 3rd, Cloverdale High School recognized qualifying juniors and seniors for their academic achievements.  Some juniors and seniors received a certificate for earning their academic letters. Faculty members then presented the qualifying seniors with a letter jacket or blanket.

Academic Letter Jacket And Blanket

To receive an academic letter jacket, recipients must have a GPA of 3.50 (B+) by September 1 of their senior year. They have received 6 English credits, 6 math credits, 4 Social Studies credits, 6 Science credits, 6 Foreign Language credits, and 2 Fine Arts credits.

Congratulations to the following students that received an academic letter jacket or blanket: Christopher Benitez, Isabella Brenneman, Veronica Carter, Siddalee Cox, Anthony Evans, Kendall Faletic, Tabiah Foster, Audrie Fulkerson, Kendal Hamilton, David Koosman, Deelaynee Lauer, Isaac Nees, Evan Scott, Kyle Thomas, Chloe Watkins, and Sydney Willis.

Academic Letter 

An Academic Letter is awarded one time after the sophomore year to students who meet the following requirements: a GPA of 3.334 (B+) or higher, 4 English credits, 4 Math credits  2 Social Studies credits, 4 Science credits, and 2 Foreign Language credits.

Congratulations to the following juniors for receiving an academic letter: Riley Bates, Chloe Couch, Elizabeth Dorman, Audrey Fagg, Daphanie Geiger, Grant Gentry, Carson Hall, Jonathan Hammack, Jaidyn Helton, Levi Hilton, Erin Johnson, Maximus Kaufman, James Kendall, Jacob Miller, Matthew Miller, Abigail Nees, Andrea Nees, Alayna Oberkrom, Austin Pennington, Catherine Simpson, Ella Szczerbik, Kiersten Wade, Tara Wainscott, Emma Yartz, Evan Yoho. Also, congratulations to the following seniors who also received an academic letter: Nathaniel Nees and Tori Stanfield.