Welcome to the Citizen One News Pilot Project. Citizen One is a new initiative designed to accomplish three things – provide a source for local community news, educate students and citizens about media literacy, and help local businesses connect with their customers. This Pilot Project is a first step in establishing a nation-wide network of localized, community Citizen One bureaus.

Our goal with this Pilot Project is simple – we are trying lots of different things to see what works, and what doesn’t. This applies to everything from the kinds of stories we produce to the technology we use to produce them, the processes for creation and editing of stories, how we get the community and students involved, and what kinds of educational materials we will need to provide.

We are glad you’re here, and our hope is this service fills the void left by the thousands of local newspapers that have ceased operations. We hope it helps our students and citizens better interpret media and information. We hope it gives small local businesses a way to grow. Most of all, we hope this brings us all together around a common bond – the community we all live in.


Citizen One Inc. is a non-profit organization, currently managed by a three-person Board of Directors. Our 501-c3 status is currently pending.

Citizen One Inc. is responsible only for the training, enablement and support of all content, editorial, reporting, and story telling. All editorial decisions are made at the local level. All content is produced locally by a team of students, civil servants, citizens, and other contributors. All contributors to Citizen One must adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists Standards of Ethics.

Citizen One Inc. is also responsible for the educational components of our mission. This includes the development of a K-12 Media Literacy curriculum, Professional Development materials for teachers and other Bureau Chiefs, Onboarding & Training for new bureaus, the Journalism Advertising and Media education program for Citizen One student reporters in grades 9-12, and the Citizen Stealth Education Program.

The technology, infrastructure, and other back-office business functions for Citizen One are handled via a for-profit joint venture controlled by Citizen One Inc. This enables the organization to fund itself through a variety of different sources, but most importantly, it decouples the influence of profits from journalism, and enables our Journalism and Education team to focus on doing great journalism and education, without having to pay for operations costs.


Citizen One Media LLC is a for-profit company, owned and controlled by Citizen One Inc. Citizen One Media LLC was formed as a joint venture between Citizen One Inc. and a small group of qualified investors. Citizen One Inc. maintains 51% control of the Board of Managers and has ultimate authority over all business decisions.

The focus of Citizen One Media LLC, and its reason for existence, is to help fund Citizen One Inc. and to decouple the profit motive from the journalism and education operations of Citizen One Inc.

While political and advertising dollars and the need to capture audience can influence coverage at the national, regional and state level, our goal is to minimize its influence on journalism at Citizen One. This joint venture allows Citizen One Media LLC to handle all back-office business operations, including technical infrastructure, advertising, support, human resources, accounting, etc. so our team at Citizen One Inc. can focus on journalism and education.

This also enables Citizen One to qualify for the many journalism and media literacy grants available to organizations like ours, while at the same time, raising investment capital from qualified investors to grow and expand the Citizen One network. While Citizen One Media LLC’s investors are here to make a profit, our primary mission is to fund the operations and growth of Citizen One Inc. We believe it is possible to do well by doing good.


Citizen.One will be the world’s news source of record, earning engagement, confidence and trust locally, nationally and globally, and serving humanity through ongoing education and citizen empowerment, delivering value for both society and Citizen One stakeholders.


Citizen One exists to provide a trusted source of news and information to local communities through high-quality, unbiased journalism, student and citizen education, and public empowerment for the benefit of society, and Citizen One stakeholders.


  • Trust: Above all else, we value the trust society places in the role of journalism. 
  • Fact: We value veracity in our communications, thoughts, and actions. 
  • Truth: We value clarity, accuracy, and critical thinking. 
  • Enlightenment: We value the clear interpretation and understanding of knowledge. 
  • Empowerment: We value the enablement of all people to influence our world.
  • Community: We value our shared interest in the places we live and work. 
  • Citizenship: We value active participation in increasing quality of life for all.
  • Democracy: We value the role we play in developing an informed citizenry. 
  • Equality: We value the rights of every human being, collectively and individually. 
  • Accountability: We value our ability to hold power accountable to truth.