Hello, my name is Tabiah. My interests include collecting Squishmallows, playing video games (non stressful ones, and especially NOT shooter games), and hanging out with my friends.

I decided to join Citizen One to refine my writing skills and share my knowledge of topics I am interested in with others. I used to write my own stories on Wattpad, so I’m excited to be able to write on a more professional platform. I am hoping to learn more about my peers as well as learn how to create a successful article.

As for the community, I am hoping they will accept and read the information from us students and not discredit us because we are rather young. I hope it is refreshing for them to get new and different perspectives on the topics we choose to discuss. The stories I am most excited to share are stories about the Cloverdale community, informative stories about scientific innovations, and stories about the student body (not just in Cloverdale) as a whole and their views. I am excited to share my perspective on different issues and topics in the community. Readers should expect me to have strong opinions and a very strong personality, though I am not controversial. I am a very expressive person, and I believe that it shows through my writing. I am also very stubborn, yet will not let any biases/opinions influence any informative pieces. I’m very excited to get to start writing stories and hope that you will enjoy reading them!