Hello! My name is Evan. I’m currently a senior at CHS and I plan to go onto college to study Computer Science. I enjoy all things tech and computers, and I really like programming. I also enjoy many other things such as drawing, painting, reading, and, of course, playing video games. I’ve played soccer almost my entire life and I’m currently a certified referee! 

I decided to join the Citizen One team because it is something brand new to the Cloverdale Community, and to me. I have never written a news article before and I thought it sounded really interesting. I never thought about my high school not having a school newspaper, but once Citizen One was introduced to me, I was excited about it. Overall, I decided to be a part of Citizen One because it will be a new experience for me. I’ve never ventured out much to try new things, and I hope to change that with Citizen One. 

I hope that Citizen One accomplishes a few things: A) That it provides an easy way for members of the community to receive updates on local events, news, weather, etc. in a timely manner.  B) It allows community members to become more involved in the community. C) Provides opportunities for students to express their thoughts and writing skills in a way they never have before. D) Gives me something new to experience because I like to challenge myself and learn new things. 

I hope to learn many things from Citizen One. I hope to learn how to better manage my time, how to enhance my writing skills, and how to produce quality, non-biased articles about a particular topic. 

I’m excited to share stories and articles about all things Cloverdale! Readers should expect me to write a variety of articles, ranging from local weather to school events to possibly even national headlines. I will try my best to provide good quality, non-biased articles about a particular topic in a timely manner so that the community can be well informed and prepared.