Hello citizens; I’d like to introduce myself and personally welcome you to Citizen One. My name is Christopher Benitez. I am currently a Senior at Cloverdale High School. I also currently attend an internship at Endeavor communications. And, as of right now, I am working hard to support myself and my goals.

My goals are simple, but ones I will have to work hard at. I plan to attend college and major in Chemical Engineering. Some of my college choices are Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Purdue University, Trine University, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I plan on earning my Master’s Degree at one of these colleges. I chose Chemical Engineering because it falls right in line with one of my interests.

Ever since I was in middle school, I knew I wanted a future in Science. I just wasn’t sure which field I wanted yet. By the time I reached High School, I had found an interest in things that were either much larger than me or so small that I could not interact with them. So, I had narrowed my choices to Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy. In my freshman year, I took Biology I and then Chemistry I my sophomore year. I learned how much I genuinely enjoyed Chemistry. So I had made my choice. I decided my junior year to take a dual credit course with Indiana University in Chemistry 101. It wasn’t an easy class. And now in my senior year, I am taking an AP Chemistry class. This is a complicated field for me to grasp sometimes but I enjoy it nonetheless.

Another interest of mine is analyzing and reviewing movies. For one, I already enjoy watching movies a lot. I would say I enjoy the experience more than the show. I just don’t enjoy the formatting of shows. The waiting periods just take me out of the experience. Another aspect of movies I enjoy is going to the theater. It has always been like an adventure to me. You enter a darkened room with great surround sound and immerse yourself into another world for a couple of hours. However, one of the aspects I enjoy the most is analyzing and reviewing the movies. I like to watch a movie more than once to fully grasp everything the movie has to offer. And I like critiquing them because it helps me learn more about what I like and what I want more of. And yes, I say critiquing because I am a very opinionated person. That’s not to say that I don’t respect others’ opinions. I just honestly like sharing my opinions because it ensures that other people know who I am as a person. However, I will be sure to not let myself be biased in my work here at Citizen One.

My reasons for joining Citizen One are simple and honest. I simply found it neat to participate in a piolet project I see as having potential. What I hope to gain from all this is experience and professional communication. I hope that the community gains an interactive, accurate, and professional news source. I think I am most excited to share scientific articles, great photography, and interesting community news.