Hi, my name is Savannah. I’m a sophomore at Cloverdale High school and I’m an author for Citizen One. Being a part of Citizen One is opening up doors that I would have never found. Being an author for Citizen One will let me use my writing skills and give me many opportunities to learn more about the media and the news constantly swirling around.

 As a current author, you would think that writing is something I’ve loved for a long time, like other authors on Citizen One, but when I was younger I hated writing essays, papers, and reports. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized writing isn’t bad; writing can open up a whole new world if you let it. Writing is now one of my favorite things, whether it’s for an assignment or for myself.

Reading, crafting, and baking are my biggest hobbies. I mainly read romance novels or teen fiction. Crafting is my favorite hobby though. I mainly make jewelry, like rings, earrings, etc. I’ve really gotten into crafting over the past few years and it’s something I’d recommend to all to at least try. Baking for me is a lot of trial and error. My favorite thing to bake is classic chocolate chip cookies.

After high school, I want to major in something related to and involved with science. Right now I wish to study environmental science. Environmental science is basically the science of the characteristics of an organism’s environment.

I hope you stick around and continue reading through Citizen One’s delightful news. Citizen One is an amazing opportunity for us students and those around us, and I am proud to be a part of it.