If you have found this article, you must be interested in learning a little more about me, Alayna Oberkrom.  I am a student at Cloverdale Highschool and one of the many student authors for Citizen One.  Being a part of Citizen One is a great opportunity to use my writing skills.  It is also a good opportunity to learn more about the media and journalism world.  

I have always had an interest in writing.  I have written a few short stories and I always enjoyed writing essays in class, even though most of my peers claim that it is strange.  Writing is one of the things I enjoy the most in my free time, so when I was approached by my Principal, Mr. Stolz, to become a writer for Citizen One, I had to say yes.  

There are, of course, other things that I am interested in, too.  The most obvious one would probably be that I like to read books, which is usually the case for people who like to write things.  Another thing that I am interested in is music.  I love learning new instruments (such as guitar, ukulele, piano, etc.), but the one that I focus on the most is the drumset.  I am a percussionist in Cloverdale’s school band.  I also like listening to all sorts of music whenever I am doing anything. 

Another thing about me is that I love animals.  Dogs are probably my favorite animal, but since my mother and both of my sisters are allergic to most pet dander, I don’t have any dogs.  If it were up to me I’d have about five big dogs.  What I do have, though, is three guinea pigs.  Their names are Scarlet, Annie, and Tina.  They may not be the big, fluffy dogs that I dream of, but they are still loving and playful.

Picture of Tina and Annie

Picture of Scarlet


Now that you have learned more about me, I hope that it encourages you to read more of the articles on this website that I have written, or will be writing.  Citizen One is a great opportunity for the writers and readers in the community alike, and I am proud to say that I am a part of it.