With SAT standardized testing just around the corner, many students and parents alike are asking questions such as: when is the test?, what do I need to study for, etc. Well, look no further for this extensive guide on the SAT that is sure to answer all of your questions!

1.) When is the SAT and who is eligible to take it?

The in-school testing is on March 2, 2022 and all juniors are eligible to take the in school test.

2.) Do I need to register and pay for the test?

For the in school SAT, you do not need to register or pay for the test as that is already done via the school. However, for separate, weekend tests, you do need to register and pay a fee of $55 before a certain date. Check Collegeboard’s website for current SAT register dates.

3.) How long is the test and how many sections does it consist of?

The test is typically 3 hours long with 4 sections. The split-up of the time is shown below:

  • Section 1: Reading – 52 questions – 65 minutes
  • Section 2: Writing and Language – 44 questions – 35 minutes
  • Section 3: Math (No Calculator) – 20 questions – 25 minutes
  • Section 4: Math (With Calculator) – 38 questions – 55 minutes

4.) How do I study for the SAT?

I would recommend first taking a practice test (online or on paper) and then evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. This way you can assess what certain topics you need to study for. Then, at the end of your long-term studying, take another practice test to see how much you improved.

5.) What is the best strategy for taking the SAT?

The overall recommended method for the entire test is to answer the multiple-choice questions as fast as possible while still getting them all mostly correct. This way, you will have plenty of time to go back and check your answers at the end. Another overall strategy is to answer every single question, as you won’t get penalized for a wrong answer. Even if you have 1 minute left and 10 questions unanswered, you should at least guess on those unanswered questions. However, there are a few strategies for certain sections. Here is an example of one:

  • In the reading section, for questions such as “In line 53, the word ‘_____’ likely means”, the answer is almost never the main definition. Example:
    • In line 43 the word “form” likely means…
      • A. Shape
      • B. Mold
      • C. Establish
      • D. Tradition
    • In this example options A, B, and C are all the main definitions of the word form, so they can almost immediately be eliminated, making D. the best option.
    • Note: This method may not work for all of the definition questions, so make sure to check your answer.

6.) What is considered a “good” SAT score?

A “good” SAT score is relative to the person taking the test. If the person is shooting for a 1200, then anything above or below can be a good score for them. However, if someone is trying to get a 1500, then a 1200 is seen as a “bad” score.

7.) How many times can my child take the SAT?

As many times as they would like; however, it is recommended that they take it at least twice.

8.) What is the scoring range for the SAT?

The range is from lowest to highest is 400-1600.

9.) How important are SAT scores?

The importance varies from school to school. Some may require it and others may not even look at it.

10.) How long until I can get my scores?

For the March 2, 2022 test, scores will be available on March 25, 2022.

Hopefully, this guide answered all of your questions and if not, please consult the website Collegeboard SAT.