On Friday, April 8, 2022, Cloverdale Community School Corporation (CCSC) hosted a recognition dinner for Cloverdale High School’s Top Seniors from the class of 2022. This banquet was to honor these students’ hard work for not only their senior year, but all of their years in high school. 11 students were chosen to attend:

  • Veronica Carter
  • Kendall Faletic
  • Tabiah Foster
  • Audrie Fulkerson
  • David Koosman
  • Deelaynee Lauer
  • Isaac Nees
  • Evan Scott
  • Tori Stanfield
  • Chloe Watkins
  • Sydney Willis



Each student chose a CCSC teacher who had an impact on their life, academics, athletics, etc. while here at Cloverdale Community Schools. Some students chose teachers who previously taught at CCSC, but have retired or moved to a different school. The teachers honored were:

  • Karl Turk
  • Katina Wetter
  • Doug Wokoun
  • Sam Jones
  • Andy Tyler
  • Claire Graham
  • Chelsey Meluch
  • Patrick Rady
  • Daniel Varnes
  • Jim Spencer 


The night also included announcing this year’s Teacher of the Year recipient. Previous Teacher of the Year recipients include: Jo Pucket, Judith Allee, Kim Rich, Jonna Rady, Jessica Fidler, Kathy Moore, Tammy Kemp, Susan Fagg, Maureen Wagner, Sandra Phipps, Dave Kiley, Maggee Boyce, Bill Cole, Nancy Collins, and Lafonda Woolf. 

This year’s Teacher of the Year is Cloverdale Middle School’s Mrs. Janelle Cole


Veronica Carter will be attending Indiana University next fall. She plans to become a physical therapist and hopes to own her own physical therapy company in the future.

Kendall Faletic will be attending Hanover. She plans to major in public relations and minor in psychology.

Tabiah Foster will be attending Purdue University. She hopes to go to grad school and be successful in all her future endeavors. 

Audrie Fulkerson will be attending the University of Southern Indiana to become a radiology technician. She hopes to continue to academic success and to meet more lifelong friends like the friends she has made here at Cloverdale. 

David Koosman plans to attend either Purdue University. He plans to get a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and continue to be involved in some type of athletic program.

Deelaynee Lauer will be attending Ivy Tech and Indiana State University. She wants to be happy in her future career and be successful as well.

Isaac Nees will be attending Indiana State University in the fall. He would like to be able to make enough to do the things he likes to do and buy the things he wants. He would also like to do some traveling in the future. 

Evan Scott will be attending the University of Southern Indiana. He hopes to continue to excel in college and beyond as he furthers his knowledge of technology.

Tori Stanfield will be attending Purdue University. She hopes to become a psychologist and help others.

Chloe Watkins plans to attend a beauty school and become an esthetician.

Sydney Willis planned to attend the Ivy Tech ASAP Program. Her future plans were to become as successful as possible.