Student Author: Riley Bates

Welcome back, Clover Crew! As we all know, prom is a big deal. You know that, I know that, and Cloverdale knows that; which is why this year’s prom was held at none other than The Three Fat Labs wedding and event venue. With two whole stories, and plenty of outside areas sheltered from the elements for your comfort, it was a great choice for the rainy evening prom was held on. The second story, a platform around the perimeter of the room with a fence to prevent accidents, was perfect for viewing the dancefloor, on which multiple dance battles were waged. Tables spanning almost the whole room were set up with masks, for the masquerade theme, and other decorative items to set the atmosphere. A picture station was set up where groups could get a picture to remember the night and cookies, bars of chocolate, and water were served as refreshers. 

As the night began, people filed in through the guarded entrance, their dresses and suits blending into a beautifully colored, glittering mass. The hours each had spent getting ready had paid off and the room felt expensive. Some people sat, some explored the venue, but less than 40 minutes into prom a handful of guests had formed a circle, allowing whoever wanted to dance to do so in the middle. This was when the fun really started, and very quickly more people joined. After a while, almost everyone was dancing and having a great time. Then there was an announcement; everyone was to sit down while the royalty of the night was crowned. The candidates were told to line up and the names of the prince, princess, king, and queen were called. Killian Dewy and Alayna Obercrom were crowned as junior prince and princess, and Kyle Thomas and Veronica Carter were crowned as senior king and queen. They received their tiaras and crowns and everyone applauded, happy to continue the festivities.

By the end of the night, everyone was tired and an unlucky few were wet. By this time storms had rolled in, but none were severe enough to dampen the mood of the evening. I believe it is safe to say that as cars disappeared into the flurry of water, the passengers all had next year’s prom on their minds.