On Monday, May 23, over thirty students were awarded and praised for their wonderful accomplishments for the year!


-Starting the night, the WIC Academic All-Conference students were honored:

Chloe Couch, Daphanie Geiger, Carson Hall, Levi Hilton, Erin Johnson, Abigail Nees, Andrea Nees, Ella Szczerbik, Kiersten Wade


-Next, our Academic letter Recipients:

Riley Bates, Chloe Couch, Elizabeth Dorman, Audrey Fagg, Daphne Geiger, Grant Gentry, Carson Hall, Jonathan Hammack, Jaidyn Helton, Levi Hilton, Erin Johnson, Maximus Kaufman, James Kendall, Jacob Miller, Matthew Miller, Abigail Nees, Andrea Nees, Alayna Oberkrom, Austin Pennington, Catherine Simpson, Ella Szczerbik, Kiersten Wade, Tara Wainscott, Emma Yartz, and Evan Yoho


-Our Indiana Rising Stars:

Carson Hall, Maximus Kaufman, Andrea Nees, Ella Szczerbik


-National Honor Society:

Chloe Couch, Daphanie Geiger, Carson Hall, Jaidyn Helton, Erin Johnson, Maximus Kaufman, Abigail Nees, Andrea Nees, Alayna Oberkrom, Austin Pennington, Ella Szczerbik, Kiersten Wade


-National Technical Honors Society:

Daphanie Geiger, Jaidyn Helton, Abigail Nees, Austin Pennington, Catherine Simpson


-Our Ambassadors:

Sophomores: Hannah Baker, Noah Betz, Savannah Hubble, Eli Kelley, Emma Paauwe

Juniors: Alex Baker, Chloe Couch, Daphanie Geiger, Carson Hall, Maximus Kaufman, Mcguire Lee, Abigail Nees, Andrea Nees, Austin Pennington, Kiersten Wade


-Our Academic Super Bowl teams:

Language Arts- Dennis Souders, Phoenix Breedlove

Fine Arts- Jaidyn Helton, Lillie Jones, Sierra Kelley

Math- Katie Dicken, Caiden Watts

Science- Emma Paauwe

Social Studies- Savannah Hubble

Interdisciplinary- Katie Dicken, Savannah Hubble


-Starting the individual class awards were the Agriculture Awards:

ALS Plant and Soils- Lexie Maldonado

ALS Foods- Sierra Kelley

Animal Science- Eli Kelley

Plant and Soil Science- Drake Hoffa

Natural Resources- Ella Szczerbik


-Art Awards:

Drawing- Audrey Fagg

Intro to 2D art- Emma Mendenhall

Intro to 3D art- Savannah Hubble


-Business/Computer Awards:

Principles of Business Management- Levi Hilton

Intro to Computer Science- Ryanna Clark

AP Computer Science- Emma Paauwe


-Health & Wellness Awards:

Physical Education- Liam Ramsay

Strength & Conditioning- Levi Hilton


-Family and Consumer Science Awards:

Advanced Nutrition & Wellness- Emma Paauwe

Fashion & Textiles- Andrea Nees

Housing & Interior Design- Kiersten Wade

Human Development- Chloe Meek

Interpersonal Relationships- Savannah Hubble


-Spanish Awards:

Spanish 2 Outstanding Achievement- Sierra Kelley

Spanish 3 Outstanding Achievement-  Emma Paauwe


-Science Awards:

Anatomy & Physiology- Carson Hall

Biology 1- Drake Hoffa

Biology 2- Alayna Oberkrom

Chemistry 1- Emily Mann

ICP- Colin Sturgeon

Physics- Eli Kelley


-Social Studies Awards:

AP US History- Emma Paauwe

US History – Colin Sturgeon

AP Psychology- Erin Johnson

Geography/History of the World- Sierra Kelley


-Math Awards:

Algebra 1- Aliyah Maldonado

Algebra 1 Honors- Ryleigh Secrest

Algebra 2- Colin Sturgeon

Geometry- Dakota Parks

Trig/Pre-Calculus- Jaidyn Helton


-Language Arts Awards:

AP Literature and Composition- Emma Paauwe

English 9- Phoenix Breedlove

English 9 Honors- Corey Branigan

English 10- Samantha Dorman

English 10 Honors- Savannah Hubble

English 11-Riley Bates


-Choral Awards:

Outstanding Underclassmen Choral Award- Timothy Hiatt

Most Improved- Phoenix Breedlove

Leadership- Audrey Fagg


-Band Awards:

Outstanding Freshman- Emma Mendenhall

Outstanding Sophomore- Sam Dorman

Outstanding Junior- Evan Yoho

Most Improved- Tanner Trammell

John Philip Sousa Award- Sam Dorman


Congratulations to all the students!